Buy the LCD splicing screen matters need to pay attention to what?

by:Hengstar      2020-05-14
Buy the LCD splicing screen matters need to pay attention to what? With the era development, has been a breakthrough the LCD splicing technology development, so the LCD Monitoris widely used in security, exhibition hall, transportation, education and other industries, more and more LCD splicing screen gradually appear in the view of human, so splice screen technology has matured, appeared on the market a lot of bad bait-and-switch manufacturers use a variety of means, shoddy, cheat consumer. So buying LCD splicing screen matters need to pay attention to what? Next to share: the first point: LCD splicing screen to the thickness of the thinner the better? According to the usage of large screen display devices in recent years, liquid crystal splicing screen is among the more frivolous a display products, and LCD splicing screen manufacturers also use thin object as the focus of the marketing package has caused many users to LCD splicing screen when the choose and buy the first factor is its thickness, but LCD Monitorreally the thinner the better? Although say with the bottom of the thick liquid crystal splicing screen lower will improve the response speed, but everything has two sides, the thinner splice screen shows that the higher requirement for manufacturing, if manufacturing process does not pass will not only cause the screen color become very dim and narrow its visual Angle will screen appears at the same time can increase the chances of bad point, this means that the LCD screen wall mosaics of manufacturing costs will be greatly improved. So in LCD splicing screen of choose and buy when in the case of sufficient budget can consider light thin liquid crystal splicing screen, budget shortfalls choice do you have a perfect after-sale service is good, suitable good. The second point: the physical resolution LCD Monitorcan be adjusted? Joining together the resolution of the screen has been the users focus on the problems and key factor LCD splicing screen of choose and buy. Usually large screen splicing screen resolution is determined by its physical resolution, the higher the resolution of the content of the screen shows the clearer. But as for the LCD splicing screen currently on the market the physical resolution is not to adjust. Usually the resolution of the LCD splicing screen when LCD panels, mall decided. Currently on the market is the most common resolution x1080p x768p 1366 and 1920 ( The national standard of the hd display minimum resolution levels) , so in choosing a splicing screen must notice to distinguish. The third point, wide viewing Angle is equal to view? In daily LCD splicing screen marketing wide visual Angle and the Angle of view is the user's arbitrary mixed, usually in the LCD splicing screen manufacturers marketing wide Angle refers to the LCD splicing screen viewing Angle or the user can clearly watch the screen display content point of view. Widely perspective refers to the partial color LCD splicing screen problem. But many users do not know plus business marketing gimmick is to confuse the two, people are only LCD splicing screen viewing angles, as for the LCD splicing screen on the market at present basically achieved 178 ° visual Angle. Fourth, the LCD splicing screen really can use 7 x24 hours? As a marketing tool LCD splicing screen manufacturer, usually said that the LCD splicing screen can work continuously for 7 * 24 hours, but in the actual use of liquid crystal splicing screen still need proper rest, work for a long period of time can be on the service life of the LCD splicing screen caused certain effect, especially in the process of use should be avoided for a long time show the same image in order to avoid caused by uneven heat a liquid crystal screen pixels. Work time of 96 hours and the liquid crystal molecules at full capacity, the use of long time can cause aging and even burn out liquid crystal molecules so as to cause the damage of the LCD splicing screen as a whole, so in the use of engineering LCD splicing screen need a good rest. Fifth, look have after-sale service old machine modification of shenzhen market is filled with a lot of second-hand recycling products, they will put some old machine used by the users, back to the home renovation. Or use second-hand LCD panel, the user first began to use may also can't see, but time is not long can appear all sorts of problems, and then businesses have long gone, run away. How to do? Localization, the service is the key, now information so developed, shenzhen was not much difference between local prices, most is a matter of transport costs. Openness and scalability of the sixth, the system of digital network ultra narrow edge intelligent LCD splicing system follow the principle of open systems, system in addition to direct access to the VGA, RGB, video signal, should also can access networks and wideband speech signal, can at any time to each kind of signal switching and dynamic display, provide users with an interactive platform, and supports secondary development; System should increase the ability of new equipment and new features, makes hardware expansion is very simple. At the same time, the software will only need to upgrade the capacity and can meet the requirements, without having to modify the source code. The system hardware and software part can convenient 'advancing with The Times'. About buying LCD splicing screen above items need to be aware of what is Shared here, LCD splicing long life, low cost liquid crystal splicing technology is a mature display technology. The LCD splicing technology without wearing parts and consumables, no need to maintain the big screen on a regular basis, save the maintenance cost, so will be more and more widely applied.
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