Computer computer need to connect to the LCD splicing screen in what form

by:Hengstar      2020-05-15
Computer computer need to be in the form of what is connected to the LCD Monitorat this stage, splicing screen in the application scope of continuous development. The LCD splicing screen terminal need to connect with computer to display and play. How is the stitching screen is connected to the computer? Today, many units, enterprises exhibition halls, meeting rooms, etc. You can see the LCD splicing screen. Including mass advertising we often see in the street, the advertisement is made up of many LCD splicing screen. For a single screen, we just need to LCD splicing screen on the back of the VGA port to connect to the computer. But for many screen splicing: for example, how do we through nine LCD splicing screen connected to the computer? Under normal circumstances, if we want to connect the computer screen, we just need to connect with a VGA interface of computer. LCD splicing screen, however, there are so many interfaces, such as high definition multimedia interface, digital video interface, digital interfaces, digital image processing, image processing, digital image processing interface, component interfaces and terminal interface. Useless? It isn't. Due to the LCD panel is composed of many small screen, many industries need to multiple computers connected to the LCD panel. We must be equipped with matrix, the matrix of interface are more diverse, we just need to find out the corresponding interface. Before connection, please be sure to let the splice screen manufacturers to introduce a special cable splicing screen to you. When connecting accidental damage or loss, it is recommended that contact splicing screen manufacturers to purchase or to find some friends to help buy industry, avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Many people to splice screen connected to the computer display effect is in doubt. This is because the stitching of the screen resolution is one of the factors affecting the effects of splicing. Liquid crystal splicing screen resolution is one of the most common is 1366768 and 19201080. Between the two are quite different. Under normal circumstances, joining together the resolution of the screen is different with different dimensions. Due to the working principle of the LCD splicing screen LCD splicing screen resolution is fixed. Therefore, it is the best resolution to its practical resolution. When we connect the computer, it is better to choose the most close to the resolution of the LCD Monitorresolution Settings. Specific methods are as follows: right-click the desktop space, in the shortcut menu, select 'properties', 'display properties' window, click 'Settings' TAB, and adjust the Settings under 'screen resolution' in the. Connection is finished, we also can install the LCD splicing screen control software, so our interactive more prominent, any navigation operation is no problem, more powerful. But we must check whether it is in the process of installation of false version. After using counterfeit software is very serious, the influence of the consequences of liquid crystal splicing screen does not work.
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