Double advertising machine bank Windows applications

by:Hengstar      2020-04-25
type has a lot of, have double advertising machine, hanging advertising machine, vertical advertising machine, building advertising machine, etc. , why do you say double-sided LCD advertising machine is the most suitable bank Windows application? Constant XunTong business for many years in the field of advertising machine, should can be said to be a little experience in this aspect, we'll give you prepare a full set of double advertising machine shop window application solutions. Below is a case of rendering: double characteristics of dual display advertising machine itself, double-sided visual deployed in a transparent window to play its maximum value. Deployed in bank effect is better. Work time: at work, is located in the edge of the window above advertising machine can be used to show the banking or financial information, display the re-description double-sided. Or play some financial knowledge, prevent fraud information, etc. , the content of the video, vivid image, the propaganda effect is much better than handing out paper leaflets. Work time: the bank after work at 5:30, window business is interrupted. But did not interrupt, double-sided advertising machine propaganda task - at 7 10 is a most beautiful city for the first time, you end a day of work the 3322 took to the streets, walking, shopping, double-sided advertising machine won't miss this moment, the ornament streets landscape with its promotion tasks at the same time. Profile: double-sided LCD Outdoor Digital Signage itself is a beautiful shape machine, installed in the window position instead of the small poster advertising machine, also have the effect of decoration.
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