Double-sided LCD advertising machine fault solution of Gao Liangbing black screen

by:Hengstar      2020-04-24
This article only for maintenance ability and experience of technical personnel, technical personnel do not dismantle machine for repair, to avoid a threat to personal safety. This article explain double-sided LCD Outdoor Digital Signage Gao Liangbing black screen solution, a, first to confirm whether the real black screen 1, to confirm whether the real black screen, no image for the back light on? 2, tapping the LCD screen, if found to have the flashing, just be backlit image, on the other hand, is the real black screen. Second, determine whether the power supply is normal, whether is working correctly, VGA input signal is normal? 1, open the maintenance door with the hand to touch the most in the middle of the highlight of the main chip of the driver board for fever phenomenon if the master chip fever, said drive plate have a job. 2, if it is found that drive webmaster chip fever, it needs to use the dc voltage profile measurement of table to see whether the driver board power supply DC12V normal? If the power supply is normal, can try to swap the power supply of the 6 p white plug, driven plate on the back when electricity Gao Liangbing should light up. 3, check the computer motherboard VGA signal output is normal? Can call waiting the VGA signal can see wake up signal output? Third, determine highlighted the constant-current power supply is normal, light output voltage is normal? Gao Liangbing 1, according to the above two steps are not bright, then is to consider the machine down its check Gao Liangbing constant current board ( High pressure plate) Whether the power supply is normal? Constant current board for DC24V power supply voltage. First observed after teardown constant current board whether there are abnormal, 2, if the plate with constant current power supply is normal, constant current board and no element traces of the burn out or the smell of burnt food? Then to measure the light output voltage is normal? The output voltage constant current board - in 90 About 100 v. 3, if the constant current output normal Gao Liangbing still not bright, so check the terminals of the article lamp for open circuit or poor contact, or by loosening of plastic shell did not put in place. Gao Liangbing inside there are four lights, usually four article lamp at the same time there will be no damage. 4, if the constant current power supply voltage is normal, the output voltage, then you can judge for constant current board damaged looking for the same model to replace.
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