Double-sided LCD advertising machine use matters needing attention

by:Hengstar      2020-04-24
Power supply double-sided LCD Outdoor Digital Signage double-sided screen inside there is a two way power supply for the power supply. On the surface of the low light power panel provides vehicle with DC12V power supply only for computer motherboards, provide DC24V power supply for low light panel. Highlighting the power to provide the vehicle with DC12V power supply only low light driver board, provide the vehicle with DC12V power supply only to highlight drive board, to highlight the panel provide DC24V power supply. Double-sided screen working mode of dual power supply means double-sided LCD advertising machine one side of the screen can work independently, these functions are mainly in order to save power resources, such as bank of such units, they work at 5:30 PM when the staff member can manually shut down low light screen ( The remote control can control low light screen) While Gao Liangbing is wait to set off time will be turned off. With remote closing low light screen will not follow time startup, have to use the remote control light, because the driver board have memory function, to ensure that the low light screen to work for someone is to be open. Most of the double-sided LCD advertising machine is using a computer motherboards, X86 system architecture, main board can be set on electric automatic startup ( The default) 。 Signal source double-sided LCD Outdoor Digital Signage has two kinds of signal source, HDMI and VGA, low light screen is connected HDMI input, Gao Liangbing is VGA, because Gao Liangbing surface is foreign, so do not have a speaker function. Timing boot timing boot into the motherboard BIOS setup is needed to set up the timing boot, because close system after the motherboard power, only a small battery to maintain the BIOS and clock Settings. Timing shutdown in AotoMain Player within the configuration file ( AotoPlayerManage。 ini) Set up ( The diagram below) , pay attention to the timing to boot in the BIOS Settings:
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