Dust on the LCD splicing wall damage, should how to avoid?

by:Hengstar      2020-05-16
We all know that the dust has damage to human body, but are you sure that dust is the same so on liquid crystal splicing screen, today we will give us in the dust, how the damage to the LCD splicing wall as mist serious damage to the human body, the same dust is similar to that of the haze electronics enemy, LCD splicing technology as a very high concentration of electronics, dust in its great impact. Liquid crystal splicing screen movement using a lot of optical element, is just the dust damage to optical element is the largest. LCD splicing wall dust the damage to the LCD splicing wall with four direct contrast decreased contrast define is appeared larger unit can output the maximum brightness values divided by the brightness values of the dark, when in dark scenes of optical components can reflex stray light of the dust of the ground, and will not be from the light projection lens threw out, add the brightness of the dark. The same on the highlights some of the light will be blocked by dust, cut the amount of reflection light and through quantity, and decrease the brightness of the light, upon a natural fell to contrast. Color wheel speed drop of liquid crystal splicing screen color wheel is dealing with the color of main parts, including high speed motor, speed of about 7200 rotations per minute (RPM). If a lot of dust around the color wheel, can affect the color wheel rolling, forming the color wheel speed drop or unstable, present problems. Screen brightness down the brightness of the LCD splicing screen is the output brightness after reflection lens and lens, if dust piled up in optical component appearance, reflectance and transmittance decrease with time form the brightness. The pictures show vague when the dust inside the liquid crystal splicing screen on the optical components of piled up to must extent, could change the way of light, the light cannot be set in the same focus on collection, so makes the appeared on the screen pictures become ambiguous. Ordinary we all think that dust is just affect the LCD LCD screen appearance, but I do not know on the LCD panel have so much influence, in daily life, must pay attention to the dust, and to extend product life. LCD splicing wall four maintenance method to avoid strong impact for LCD splicing screen contains many precision glass components and electrical components, so the LCD Monitoris very delicate, the impact resistance is poor. Once was strongly impact will cause the LCD splicing screen screen damage as well as other relevant part. In addition, don't put pressure on the LCD splicing screen screen surface, such as show a part of the screen with your fingers. The use of dry environment which is the important condition of normal operation of the LCD splicing screen. Liquid crystal splicing screen interior design is very precise, if using the environment humidity will easy oxidation corrosion phenomenon such as short circuit, bring huge economic losses to users. Therefore, to keep the LCD splicing screen dry use environment. If it is found that the screen surface has a moisture to gently wipe with a soft cloth, and then you can open the power supply work. If the humidity has entered the LCD splicing screen inside, you must put the LCD splicing screen in good ventilation conditions, or in a warm place, let the moisture evaporate. If the situation is more serious, ordinary users can ask professionals to help solve. Without dispelling moisture of avoid by all means make the LCD splicing screen, electric work, otherwise will cause LCD electrode corrosion, causing the LCD splicing screen permanent damage. Correct cleaning liquid crystal splicing screen LCD splicing screen with long, easy to have some dust and dirt, cleaning liquid crystal splicing screen screen is inevitable. When we should use the right after cleaning methods: with a soft, absorbent cotton of fiber material, lens paper or apply a small amount with soft cloth, such as glass cleaner, gently wipe away the dust or dirt on the screen. Clean up when it is prohibited to use alcohol kind of organic chemical solvent, also cannot use coarse cloth or paper goods, because this kind of material are prone to scratches, affect the display effect. Also must pay attention not to spray the cleaner directly to the screen surface, this cleaner is easy to flow into the screen, cause LCD splicing screen screen internal short circuit fault, cause needless loss. Pay attention to the use of time to avoid long time work overload for a long time work is very easy to cause the LCD splicing screen some pixels to overheat, if more than the limit will cause permanent damage. Liquid crystal splicing pixel is made up of LCD screen, when working 95 hours continuously at full capacity, LCD splicing screen will accelerate the aging process, more serious will burn out. As a result, users in the use of liquid crystal splicing screen should pay attention to the use of the time, avoid to work long hours. This not only can prolong the service life of the LCD panel, delay the aging process, and can avoid damage of hardware.
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