Electronic card application scenario for the dish

by:Hengstar      2020-05-02
Order which is different from traditional CARDS, electronic menu no matter from the appearance design and internal function can let the merchants fondle admiringly. For shops, somewhere you machine's appearance, the appearance of high-grade, nature can be looked up to the commodity price. Electronic menu, on the other hand, is also a storefront marketing assistant, electronic menu form a complete set of system for merchants to provide huge amounts of the activities of the posters, make store sales promotion activity by extension. Because of the meal card has many practical functions, so it was everywhere. Below, we just talk about electronic menu application scenario. Retail chain retail chain, whenever there is a new product, or a single product promotion, need to be in a very short period of time, the promotion of information release chain across the country, time-consuming, laborious and no way to do each store for promotion at the same time, update not in time, delay of business opportunities. With electronic menu can promotional material to the release of the system background and unified management, build a huge poster template generation, remote, a touch can, save time and effort. Coffee milk tea shops coffee milk tea shops are usually according to different festivals, and introduce new products, or promotional products. If use paper posters, need to design and print posters, simply had no time to update. And with electronic menu item more every day, or is a certain time period design what kind of promotional information can be played. Different times different promotional products, make your storefront marketing more effective. Restaurant dining room is the place where most used electronic menu. Food in static posters presented does not paint the appetite of people. Dynamic picture can let a person have visual wallop more, allure is stronger. KFC, McDonald's know this kind of visual marketing, therefore, in each of their each chain, basically all stitching screen three or four electronic menu, right in the middle on the door, let the street people easy to see.
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