Electronic menu to solve the pain points and advantages

by:Hengstar      2020-05-03
In multimedia developed today, the traditional media have sunset xishan. We can now see all walks of life are breakthroughs in some smart devices. Is evident in the catering industry, we use a paper-based media before, now with intelligent electronic menu. Next we will talk about the electronic menu for bring to restaurant? What problems to solve the food and beverage industry. Catering industry problem: print posters not appeared, and led advertising screen, by contrast, show the low-end; Paper poster printing problems, and to design, the marketing cost is higher than the led advertising screen; Print updates, information lag, laborious. To solve above problems, we have updated the solution. Then video independent research and development of electronic menu and independent development of meal card software system can perfect the perfect solution for restaurant industry of pain. Electronic menu is how to do? High-definition, visually stunning 1080 p pixel resolution, color shading performance balancing, give a person a kind of visual enjoyment. Speed BuKa meal, no trailing 5 ms fast response time, real no trailing. Private custom can be customized to support the stick a card, exclusive LOGO, reveal quality, has a variety of color optional, support custom color, exclusive of your color is more perfect. High technology, special design industrial paint technology, ultra-quiet design low energy cooling fan, long service life low-power, a LCD screen life of more than 60000 hours, the whole life for its corrosion-proof. Interface is rich, multiple connection mode supports VGA, HDMI, DVI, USB interface connection, meet different device access. Intelligent remote advertising content anytime, anywhere, more time-saving, more efficient and faster. Can time switch machine, set the program many times throughout the day in advance of intelligent switch machine, save time save electricity; According to the time their content, communicate effectively.
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