Electronic recipe production and application

by:Hengstar      2020-05-03
Intelligent way of ordering is the main characteristic of modern restaurant different from traditional restaurant, mainly reflects in such aspects as self-help, efficient and flexible. Compared to traditional order has the following advantages: 1. Operating costs with the progress of the society, catering industry labor costs natural systems, the process technology of the electronic menu order basically does not need manual intervention, thereby saving a lot of labor costs. Each menu update cost is extremely low, exquisite dishes think on top, don't have to worry about changing the cost of the menu. 2. To improve the quality of user experience and service people may mistake but machine can't, not because no intention understanding the customer and single, leakage fault. Efficiency and high quality efficient order menu quality of turnover will also have a lot of ascension, and customer orders at any time, order of synchronous transmission to the kitchen chef immediately start to prepare production. 3. Big data to diagnose restaurant I personally think that this is the most important, through the analysis of the data accumulated in a period of time, the dishes point purchase rate dropped will need to analysis the cause of the decline, is a material change, cooking techniques or seasonal change the chef should be able to find out why. What dishes will need to be prepared in advance materials of high sales, when customer place the order with the least amount of time will be delicious appear in front of the customer. Principle and production: electronic ordering system consists of hardware and software of two parts need to purchase or custom. Hardware: super clear LCD screen and high sensitivity of the touch screen, the internal structure of other I also don't know & lt; 。 ^. > 。 Software: food and beverage industry special custom software, contains a restaurant most of the functionality required.
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