Essential standard electronic menu, the restaurant

by:Hengstar      2020-05-01
With ever increasing consumer spending and into the dining room repast, consumption is no longer just solve the problem of eating. Dining environment is more and more important, the menu as an integral part of the restaurant. A good meal is not only a restaurant brand image, but also good product introduction, is also the embodiment of the image and strength. Today's electronic menu also is fashionable and generous. In view of the traditional recipe he have advantages: top use effect and application of the latest embedded technology, wireless technology, intelligent control, digital query technology, fashion appearance, completely change traditional restaurants, sauna service mode, to promote the class restaurant, sauna, reduce false positives. Free change, restaurant application is convenient, may at any time change items, prices, pictures, specification, can add new product, can be flexible promotion at any time, an investment, life-long benefit and avoid the repeated production of recipes and repeated investment; Support such as Excel files of recipe information import, to facilitate rapid production and update; Dozens of alternative design template, interface can be customized, the shell can be change color casing, to ensure excellent long-term application; Graphic templates, software functions and the escalating, persistent provide a complete application. Fool operation customers easy to use: bonding interface, flexible design, consumers do not need any help guide, can be arbitrary operation; A variety of query and browse mode, convenient for consumers to scan and choose dishes, more rapidly than traditional recipes; Large font, full screen, touch, making a fool of operation, ensure that all ages, the client layer easy to use. Integrated application of cost less than traditional recipes and wireless PDA: traditional recipes to make the price does not poor, and often must be renovated, modification, replacement, and large quantities of energy and financial resources; Three years time, integrated application of the cost is far lower than the traditional recipes, and is a great saving of energy and resources.
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