High-definition multimedia display system achievement high-end restaurant

by:Hengstar      2020-05-13
Every restaurant has its theme, with the increase of people's living standard and aesthetic pursuit of restaurant and technology trends, select into cutting-edge technology products in the design of the restaurant, with qi qi and texts, will highlight the restaurant's business philosophy, to reveal their charm of high-end restaurant. The playing multimedia display system, as the most intuitive visual elements, the restaurant is such a audio-visual display of the science and technology feeling! Constant XunTong is a display plan outstanding supplier, always with high quality solutions for different multimedia display application needs to provide customized display solutions, to create excellent performance experience. To attract catering service co. , LTD. Shenzhen maple sheng floor restaurant provides high-end to still service project. Therefore should demand service restaurant, with constant XunTong of restaurant for service to build a high-end multimedia applications display solutions. This solution is the use of 46 inch 3 * 3 LCD splicing wall screen display devices, hardware installation in hanging way, USES the ultra narrow edge design frame for both stitching images together as a unified image, and from the appearance look fashionable atmosphere; Application is the newest back light technology, the picture is clear and bright, vivid, bright color saturation, high quality and fully presents the modern display effect, create a high-end grade dining atmosphere. Geared to the needs of customers in the pursuit of contemporary, it breaks the limitations of multimedia material broadcast, in-depth on the basis of the information network, is a set of pictures, animation, audio and video for the integration of multimedia broadcast system, etc. Display system with unique 4 k both innovating engine technology, high-definition, high resolution, 3 d dynamic digital picture display, and there are powerful built-in functions, support system for a long time to keep sight screen clear and smooth continuous broadcast. In the broadcast content can be selected in the system according to the requirements of the restaurant on the software implementation of customized Settings, such as shops set design good media information in the stipulated time play the debugging good content, or for customer interest, at different times will regularly custom broadcast; Display mode can be arbitrary switching, superposition, scaling, can be a single, split screen different show, etc. , for customers in the store and eliminate boring, when repast bring interesting figure video entertainment. Constant XunTong reach the high quality display solutions for our company provides one-stop service, and for the public to the advancement of science and technology to pursue, achievement high-end service restaurant style, bring certain benefits, is also to serve food and beverage industry provides a typical case. Of course, the constant XunTong application scheme of liquid crystal display (LCD) focused radiation to all walks of life, as long as you have needs, innovation has been on the road, the company do their best to provide you with high quality display solutions!
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