How to avoid the LCD splicing screen due to electrostatic interference

by:Hengstar      2020-05-10
In the winter cold, dry winter, people often encounter this kind of phenomenon in our daily life, when they take off your clothes and go to bed in the dark, they often hear the action in the dark, with blue light. When they shook hands, fingers just touching, suddenly feel acupuncture fingertips, this is very shocking. When you comb the hair in the morning, hair tend to 'float'. The more you break, the more you sliding door handle, water faucet will 'electric shock', often sends a 'pa, pa' movement, this is what happens in the human body static electricity. 'The so-called electrostatic is a stop charging or invalid electrostatic can say everywhere in the operation of the LCD splicing screen, static electricity also can form a certain interference. 1, insulation, the insulation of the so-called is as much as possible to paste the LCD screen and metal and power supply connection, to avoid static electricity. 2, line and line separating when wiring separation, separate VGA cable and power cable, because there is no shielding layer common VGA line, so it is easy to generate static electricity with the power cord. 3, the grounding of the so-called connected by cable release the electrostatic directly to the ground, it also effectively prevent static electricity directly. Static electricity is a natural rule, we cannot completely eradicate it, so we can do is to minimize the damage to the big screen. Usually, in the process of debugging and use the LCD splicing screen, when appear a few lines on the screen of the ups and downs, most of the time are caused by electrostatic interference; Electrostatic adsorption dust, reduce insulation resistance, discharge damage damage the components and discharge. Electromagnetic interference and so on are destroyed, and many of the damage is long and random. When joint screen work environment around the electrostatic is opposite bigger, there may be some video signal interference, may be in the joint system interface chip, even may seriously affect the appearance of the interface system. Other large screen LCD Monitormay show the abnormal behavior, such as the client application signal transmission and instability in the glare of the screen. In addition to the flexibility of the line interface and cable manufacturing technology, it also can be static interference. If there is a big circuit element, such as high voltage gas holder, machine room, capacitor, resistor and so on, when we provide LCD Monitorequipment solution must pay attention to the uncontrollable factors.
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