Industrial control touch all-in-one PC, make life more convenient

by:Hengstar      2020-05-04
Touch all-in-one PC is the collection of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer technology as a whole, which can realize the public information query, match with fingerprints, micro peripherals like printers, scanners, card reader, which can realize fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing and other specific requirements. Industrial control touch all-in-one characteristics: 1, provide convenience for life touch screen with four, five line resistance screen and surface acoustic screen, infrared screen, holographic nano touch good touch screen at home and abroad, such as can meet the application requirements of user different areas and sites. Touch all-in-one PC is a will touch screen and related software bundled together with outside packing to query USES touch products. Touch all-in-one real done will touch and control is an organic whole to role, greatly improved the work efficiency of people. 2, input convenient touch all-in-one PC as an input device, adopted by the touch screen has a strong and durable, fast response, save a space, easy communication and many other advantages. User as long as a finger lightly touch the machine, the screen can quickly get the information they want, so that the human-computer interaction is more straightforward. As a kind of high tech machines, touch all-in-one has gradually replaced the position of mere touch screen, allows users to really feel the man-machine free interactive features. Support touch technology, USB interface, touch screen, handwriting input function. Resistive touch screens, accurate positioning. Touching no drift, automatic correction, precision operation can be performed. The fingers are available, and soft to touch. High density touch point distribution.
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