Interactive touch all-in-one application scenario

by:Hengstar      2020-04-27
Interactive touch all-in-one PC is not very common in our daily life, it usually deployed in a bit of a class and have a place for business needs, information for clients to open another business information channel, save the human cost, also save customers' valuable time. Scene database connection with software school education institutions, students can understand relevant information, and their current study data. With interactive touch all-in-one PC as the hardware platform, carrying more than teaching software connected to the Internet, all kinds of information readily available, building smart class. Financial institutions scene install your software, touch all-in-one becomes cueing machine, different from traditional cueing machine is that it can display more information. , of course, its function not only that, some simple business can be done to the interactive all-in-one, don't have to waste the customer waiting time, reduce the workload of staff. For example, some customers only need to modify a binding mobile phone number, waiting for two hours, operating for 1 minute, it's not reasonable. Transit authority setting machine, network machine to collect the tickets booking ticket already this, behind this little not interactive touch all-in-one PC, greatly convenient for travelers.
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