Introduction to the LCD splicing screen applications

by:Hengstar      2020-05-11
In recent years, in our daily life, we can see the LCD Monitoris ubiquitous. Liquid crystal splicing screen has been widely applied to various occasions, the LCD Monitoris is closely connected with our days, under the constant XunTong reach here we mainly introduce the LCD Monitoris usually applied to the place. A, airports, ports, docks, subway, highway transportation industry such as manifest information terminal 2, financial and securities information terminal 3, business, media, advertising, exhibition and product display show terminal four, five education training/multimedia video conference system, scheduling, control room, radio and television, large studio/venue six or seven military, government and city emergency command system, mining, eight energy security monitoring system, fire protection, meteorology, maritime, flood control and we all know, traffic hub command system using the liquid crystal splicing screen there is a big advantage, for example: 1, the LCD splicing screen long life, protect the cost is low. 2, LCD splicing screen viewing angles. 3, liquid crystal splicing screen resolution is high, the beautiful picture. 4, screen LCD splicing ultra-thin light. 5, low consumption, low calorific value. 6, liquid crystal splicing screen long trouble-free, protect the cost is low. 7, innovation, and advanced 8, economy shenzhen heng XunTong designed technology company engaged in LCD splicing, LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing wall, production and sales of the LCD splicing screen manufacturer, provide 46 inch LCD splicing screen, 55 inch LCD splicing screen, ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen LCD splicing screen manufacturers
lcd monitors are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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