Lcd advertising machine on the proposal

by:Hengstar      2020-04-29
Lcd Outdoor Digital Signage is not new things already, the traditional advertising display forms of media, the person discharge huge usually deployed in place or transport hub, used properly can bring unexpected benefits to delivery person. There are several Suggestions for content delivery, please reference. 1. Customer orientation must be clear what customer groups, identify potential customers, making targeted advertising content, may be most of the content is not a cold, but for those interested in high conversion rate is unexpected, Yang said that 20% of customers we contribute 80% performance. 2. Content style content should be concise and clear topic. People busy in public places, potential customers may not have time to savor and digest the chaotic advertising content, excellent advertisement should be brief and to the point, be clear at a glance. If the content is boring, monotonous, no meaning, you are the audience you have no interest in reading. So can be appropriate to add humorous elements, but also ensure the seriousness of the content itself. 3. The customer perspective, don't you think, I want my thought, this is also our general Yang sayings. Mean to stand in the perspective of the customer to go up and see what we are doing everything exactly have meaning, sometimes we do a lot, also feel do a very good job, but that's customers want? More than 3 points is on LCD Outdoor Digital Signage content on the proposal
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