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by:Hengstar      2020-05-17
Color paper ( Color, brightness, contrast, Angle, color temperature) ) , the color is always the first! Truth and tenderness of color display, bring the eye is the most direct feeling! As for brightness contrast even perspective: why do you want to go to the color, will have the answer below. 【 Good color standard to the LCD monitor 】 A rich and full of color, appropriate brightness contrast, broad perspective, flexible and reasonable color/brightness/contrast adjustment. 1, q: why did the two brands of the same picture, LCD monitor seems to be different? A: LCD monitor effect is determined by the panel, control circuit, different LCD used different parts and technology, show the effect of the there will be differences. In fact the difference on the CRT also exist, but LCD due to its own characteristics, differences in this respect is bigger than the CRT. This has been our the most effective way to assess the LCD monitor - — Show the same picture, contrast, feeling his eyes is the most compelling standard. 2, q: LCD monitor can show how many colours are there? What is the difference than CRT? A: now on the market advantage of LCD monitors can directly display about 16. 70000 colors ( Note that not every paragraph can show so much) , and can show color number for an infinite number of CRT. This is congenital deficiency of LCD, but the principle is not the same. The CRT display by the adjacent a few color spot a certain color, only red, green and blue three color dot, blend to give you the 'illusion'; And liquid crystal is every color dot can display 16. 70000, give you color directly. So we can say that actually LCD, CRT only three colors 3, q: for 16. Can 70000 color LCD display is beyond the range of colors? A: for not directly shows the color of the liquid crystal processing methods, such as alternates between two colors create a kind of 'illusion' of the new color. In this respect, the vendor technology are not the same, also not to deal with, so there will be a colorful and rich degree of difference. 4, q: 16 color, 24 bits color, 32-bit color has much difference? A: in terms of color number, of course, obviously, is 2 to 16, 24 kilograms and the difference of 32. 16-bit color from the feeling of the human eye can basically meet the needs of the display, coarse and 24-bit color, 32-bit color look similar, careful research, will find that in large gradient 16-bit color display will appear faint dividing line. In practical application, the most commonly used is 24 color, such as web pages and other places said color, such as # 80 ff2e string, use ACDSee to see pictures can see most of the pictures is the color depth of 24. As to 32-bit color, that is based on 24, is said to be added eight transparent color, there's not much difference in actual and 24, at least our eyes are of a resolution not to come out. 5, ask: I use a LCD monitor, Windows is set to 16-bit color is enough? A: of course not! Still want to set the 32-bit color! According to the said above, the LCD monitor display color number directly between 16 and 24, another special technology to colorful. So establish liquid crystal display the 16-bit color is actually overqualified, especially for those good LCD, it's really a waste of the manufacturer's work. 6, q: the higher the brightness and contrast parameter is better? Answer: the answer is no. The brightness and contrast parameter value is a kind of very extreme cases, makes little sense for everyday applications. 400, 500, numerical is too abstract, we still should be in the eyes of feeling, is the 'clear bright but not dazzling, but not vain'. 7, q: why the LCD from different point of view think not the same color? A: liquid crystal display by refraction, so we can not avoid to bring the visual Angle of the problem, in the line of sight deflection see color will change. Now have a variety of techniques to increase the LCD viewing angles, usually the horizontal perspective do bigger, as the eyes are generally and screen at the same level. LCD is basically like this: so now we see is pair color is best, from the left and right sides becomes pale gray, from above to bleach becomes shallow, look from the bottom is black. 8, asked: LCD monitor should not be used for the drawing, because can show the color number, right? A: so, before now actually become a kind of misunderstanding. Liquid crystal display (LCD) 16. 70000 color number for the human eye has enough, let alone now by image processing software, do not need the eye to distinguish. Change the point of view, even if the two sets of the same color CRT display there are nuances. LCD does not figure, the key reason to view! For graphic artists, left see one color, right becomes another kind of color, this is the most deadly. 9, q: two models of LCD monitors all use the same panel, display effect is the same? A: no, even have obvious difference. , although panel is the main control circuit and optimization technique quality also directly affects the quality of display, so as to show the color difference. But show effect could see a difference, benq is light, a little transparent feeling. 10 q: how to set the color temperature to the LCD monitor? A: due to the different principle, LCD monitors and CRT monitors under the same color temperature showed color is little different. For most of the east, set the CRT at 9300 k, while LCD is set to 6500 k in relative comfort. Of course vary from person to person, had better be to RGB independent adjustment, oneself look good anyway.
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