LCD splicing screen of the common defects and solutions

by:Hengstar      2020-05-12
LCD splicing wall technology through continuous reform and innovation have become more mature, and because the quality of the LCD splicing screen, service life and price advantage, it is widely used in various industry such as the control center and station. Airport, the command center, bar, etc. However, in use process, sometimes can appear a little situation, common defects are: I. The LCD splicing defects and solutions within the screen: a, no electricity, Black screen) Built-in power may malfunction or device internal driver board may malfunction inspection method: check whether the output power is normal if there is no output power, can check whether the power supply is bad. If you have driven plate. B, flower screen LCD Monitorwhen a region does not show or display abnormal, called flower screen. How to check: make sure the insertion of liquid crystal display signal transmission lines without loose, lead to poor contact. Insert it into, repair, and see whether can solve the problem, otherwise, there might be something wrong with the LCD. C, black screen, No display, the splash screen) Advertisements, the LCD screen is always shown as the black screen, screen, such as the splash screen is called the dark screen. Solution: make sure the power supply output is normal. If the power supply output voltage is not stable, When the voltage value not reached 11 to 12 V) , the power supply will fail. If the output power is normal, it must be one by one replaced drive plate and the frequency converter, until the fault elimination. D, no signal is turned on the power, the screen will appear with the words 'no signal'. Solution: make sure the input to the internal video decoder board cable and 5 v power supply cord not loose if there is no this kind of phenomenon, the need to replace the decoding board or driver board, to determine whether the change after the fault disappear. Namely on the power supply, the screen will automatically play the red, green, blue and other photos. The solution is to loose the driver board or bad line. Second, common defects and its solution a, external image but no sound to ensure that sets the sound to the minimum or automatic mode and reset the volume. If you couldn't hear the sound when offline, please make sure external voice first damaged and connected correctly. B, no electricity, black screen if your device is equipped with a timer, please check whether the timer red light and green light flashing at the same time, if only the red light and green light goes out, may be the clock setting problems. If you could remove the LCD screen software timing function, please check the clock Settings in the software is correct. If the LCD Monitorof the above, please first check the power plug and socket connection is loose and switch ( OSD button) Whether to light up.
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