Liquid crystal splicing screen cooling requirements have? How to maintain good LCD splicing screen

by:Hengstar      2020-05-21
Liquid crystal splicing screen used in indoor, its relatively simple operation and operation environment. However, due to many projects LCD splicing wall needs all-weather running continuously, thus itself will generate a lot of heat, plus the surrounding environment temperature in summer is higher also, so if you want to stick to the normal operation, the cooling requirement progress substantially. According to the heat can be taken away from the radiator, cooling way of liquid crystal splicing screen is divided into automatic type radiator and passive cooling. The former is by fan cooling device, such as compulsive will be announced fin heat away, the latter is through the heat sink will be light as a heat source screen splicing product natural heat to the air. Practical operation, the automatic cooling method can be subdivided into water cooling, surface cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor refrigeration, chemical, refrigeration, etc. , with high heat dissipation power, equipment the advantage of small volume, Passive cooling method, the effect of heat dissipation is proportional to the size of heat sink, shou should use in the space there is no requirement of equipment parts or fever is heat dissipation. In general, the LCD Monitorto normal use, the temperature ranges between 0 ~ 42 degrees. In actual use, the use of liquid crystal splicing screen in indoor environment, should choose according to effective shou automatically type cooling way, industry users can through the use of air-conditioning equipment to control the temperature, the temperature control between 25 ~ 26 degrees. LCD splicing screen due to long time work is very easy to make some pixels to overheat, once more than the limit will result in permanent damage, this creates a often said 'bad points'. Because the LCD splicing pixel is made up of LCD screen, so when working 96 hours continuously at full capacity, will accelerate the aging, serious when even will burn out. So, if a user must work long hours, zui good can make the rest for a while, the intermittent or often changes the screen content in different time intervals, as are in a state of waiting for work to reduce brightness, or its operations in screen saver mode for a while, this little effort not only can delay the ageing of the LCD screen, and can avoid damage of hardware. In the use of liquid crystal splicing screen, besides must pay attention to the heat dissipation problem, maintenance work is also very important, how to work? In daily use process should pay attention to ensure clean use of the environment, to minimize dust, oil and so on into the screen, also can use special screen cleaning fluid, regular cleaning of the screen, in order to make sure the color bright, clear images. Pay more attention to, the indoor temperature suggest temperature at 25 degrees 26 degrees, can be installed in the indoor air conditioning, fully assure the temperatures of the use of liquid crystal splicing screen. LCD screen people daily need to continue to carefully care, we can through the following simple operation to maintain their own love machine: ( 1) Big screen optical devices in hui wind environment, prolonging the service life of large screen optical device bulb; ( 2) Regularly do comprehensive clean with big screen optical devices, can improve the brightness and contrast of large screen display system ( Increased by 10% to 30%) ; ( 3) The temperature is very low, will affect the normal use of the outdoor screen, generally falls under the circumstance of minus 30 degrees Celsius, suggested that temporarily stop the use. But other measures such as installing air conditioning in the casing, also can ensure the normal use; ( 4) Italian daily optical components ( The color wheel, liquid crystal panels, polarizing film, lens, etc. ) Maintenance, prevent aging in advance; ( 5) Splicing screen fails, please contact engineering contractor. Usually have a layer of protection membrane on the surface of the LCD splicing screen, this layer of protective film suggest when you don't use the LCD panel will be labeled, when using LCD screen off again, it can effectively protect the outer screen of chemical coating, the coating of the outer layers of the zui not premature by oxidation. In addition, users in the use process, do not easily to refer to/by the LCD screen with the hand, or contact with the screen with hard objects.
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