Monitoring center LCD splicing system solutions

by:Hengstar      2020-05-16
Now, many monitoring and visualization will be installed the LCD splicing display system, to display the real-time monitoring images and other information, such as public security, traffic police, production companies, Banks and other institutions, high resolution, high brightness and contrast, cost-effective and so on. The advantages of series LCD Monitorgradually replace DLP as monitoring center of the big screen. So for the entire visual system to build solutions way? The LCD Monitordisplay device belongs to the background, is made up of former surveillance cameras. Sent via the front end of video image by decoding platform decoding and displayed in the upper part of the screen, and support multiple screen, full screen, for example, split screen and a large screen. Ensure that shows all monitoring image at the same time. Therefore, widespread attention should be paid to the following aspects. 1, the front end of the number of point to point determines the number of the large screen is not the same as the number of monitoring stations sometimes. Within the jurisdiction of, for example, the traffic police may have hundreds of displayed on the screen at the same time, point to point and average company or school has dozens of points, so different monitoring number also determines the backend LCD splicing screen. Since all monitoring points are considered at the same time display on the LCD splicing screen, so you need to reasonable allocation, while decoding platform can achieve 64 channels on a single screen monitor image, in this case, the screen is too small. You can't see clearly, so the average user won't consider so much, most of the use of a single screen or four partitions, nine partitions, etc. It can determine according to the viewing distance. If there are 9 100 monitoring and display points, you need to 12 points screen. Of course, depending on does not allow the size of the installation position, and should be considered in many ways. 2. Video source transmission distance and decode it, and most popular network cameras. In the past, analog cameras less and less, so most of the transmission cable transmission through the network. But, if the distance is more than a certain distance, is due to the effective transmission distance network cable, cannot use Internet. At that time, only use 60 ~ 70 m optical fiber transmission. Traffic intersection, safe city projects such as transmission distance and snow lights usually have a few tens of kilometers. At this time, need more complex wiring. In addition to transmission lines, switches have been divided into multiple levels in centralized aggregation, and then access the DVR and decoding platform. DVR is responsible for the image storage. We can according to the formula to calculate storage time. Decoder is a tool from the LCD screen positive decoding image. It also has the function of matrix, can control computer to control the display position of any image. Division number, etc. In general, decoder brand must be consistent with the brand in front of the camera, it will not cause incompatibilities, but if the front-facing camera, there are two or more than two tags, then we can use our general decoding platform to solve. 3, LCD liquid crystal splicing screen splicing screen display system, we can understand it is a patchwork of large screen. It belongs to the industrial-grade display equipment, can meet the requirements of continuously throughout the day start. Shelf life of up to 80000 hours, and can be stable. Running, no problem if the collision force, its main advantages include high resolution, medium brightness, high contrast and more choice. By selecting the LCD splicing screen, we can according to the specific number of the monitor and choose the size of the installation position. First, we can design according to the length and width using large LCD splicing screen. The most commonly used is 46,49,55,65 inches, etc. Seams including bilateral 5. 3 mm, 3. 5 mm, 1. 8 mm, 1. 7 mm, 0. 88 mm, etc. Joint is smaller, shows the better the results, but also the higher the price, we can choose according to our general budget, generally the mainstream of the monitoring center use far more than 3. 5 mm. Now then panel, samsung and LG LCD splicing screen using two or more panels, samsung price is slightly high, display has its own advantages, samsung's color is more soft, better balance white is very good, the color of the LG brighter, more contrast. In addition, in terms of stability, LG is usually better, especially for small connection panel, because the LG1. 8 mm panel stability than samsung 1. 7 mm panel is much better. In the installation and technical aspects, can choose to install method according to actual situation. Cabinet type, support type, wall type such as commonly used, considering the professional level, manufacturers are professional and technical personnel in the site installation, if the number of the LCD Monitorhas ended. In addition, it is necessary to reserve maintenance access to facilitate maintenance staff input.
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