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by:Hengstar      2020-04-29
New product, it has a lot of, the name of someone called it painted screen, also some people call it the digital photo frame, I call it the LCD frame advertising machine. is a kind of through the LCD screen LCD frame terminal display device, a painting, all kinds of materials, released by the exclusive APP personal art as intelligent interconnect products. Solid wood texture, metallic simple sense. Selection of fine wood texture, follow the ancient technology, with mortise and tenon joint structure flexible framework, a variety of different styles, reveal the beauty of the household. Technical parameters of model AZ320 - NL appearance appearance color log lubricious/annatto lubricious fuselage size 822 mm ( L) *516mm( W) *45mm( (T) Wooden frame material metal fuselage panel installation wall-mounted display size 32 & Prime; TFT LED display area proportion / 698. 7× 393. 3毫米( H× V) / 16:9 maximum resolution 1920 x1080 maximum 250 CD/m2 brightness contrast, 3000:1 viewing angles ( Up/down/left/right) :89° /89° /89° /89° Response time of 6 ms color 16. 7 m color power and power consumption of 100 v ~ 240 v AC, & le; 30 w configuration parameters in detail the CPU mainboard: four nuclear architecture A7, frequency up to 1. 2GHzGPU:Mali- 400 mp2 GPU, support OpenGL ES 1. 1/2. 0, embedded high-performance 2 d acceleration hardware memory: standard DDR3 1 gb of built-in memory: standard eMMC with 8 gb interface: the outer two USB, a RJ45 front-end ports communication: built-in wifi, bluetooth Android operating system Android 4. 4. 4 the menu language in English and support multilingual menu video formats such as MPEG - 1、MPEG- 2、AVI( 3. 11) 、XVID、H. Audio supported formats such as MPEG - 264 1层I, II, III2。 0、MPEG - 4 AAC - LC 5。 1/HE- AAC5。 1 / BSAC 2。 0,WAV, 24 - 一些线性PCM 7。 1 the picture such as support format of BMP, JPEG, and PNG, etc system upgrade mode USB update, network update other reliability 50000 h working temperature 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ - storage temperature 20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ storage work humidity 25% ~ 75% humidity 25% ~ 75% after notice once the humidity higher than 75%, the LCD display the internal can produce condensation phenomenon. That is to pay attention to moistureproof, long time need not when, can electricity work regularly for a period of time, let the heat generated by the LCD Monitor work will chase away the moisture in the machine. Quality standard of the Chinese electrical appliances product compulsory certification ( 3C) Environmental standards all components and packaging materials in line with international environmental standards
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