Soft screen and hard screen LCD splicing screen

by:Hengstar      2020-05-09
Soft screen and hard screen LCD Monitordifference of you often use LCD Monitorsome of the people will hear hard screen and the concept of soft screen. Don't know a person who is they don't know what this means. So which is mainly used for hard screen and soft screen? What is the difference between the two? In fact, whether hard screen or soft screen, the whole process of production and manufacturing are only slightly different. The basic function, service life and display effect is almost no difference. A, concept to explain the so-called hard screen is to point to in the surface of the LCD screen to add a layer of transparent resin material hardness is higher, in order to protect the outer membrane. The application of this technology is first by the Japanese, invented by a company, the last upgrade by LG company, gradually formed the characteristics of LG IPS screen technology. Is characterized by good stability. By hand stitching LCD screen, there will be no water ripple and shadows, helps to protect the screen. The so-called soft screen is relative to the screen, and without protective film of LCD panel. There are typical brand is samsung. The outstanding characteristic of this kind of screen is, if you press it gently with your fingers or with fingernails scraping it gently, there will be obvious water ripple, but they will immediately disappear without affecting the image quality. 4. JPG the second, the difference between the two hard screen and the fundamental difference between soft screens, applied to or should not be used for only a layer of film screen surface, this will not also can't change the inherent physical characteristics of the LCD panel itself, to maintain its inherent image quality features. If in the same places to see the same source of soft and hard screen type LCD TV picture quality have obvious difference, the key question is the level of the liquid crystal panel and integrated circuit drive performance such as core configuration, rather than 'hard screen' and 'soft screen' differences. Separation of hard screen and soft screen is easy: gently scratching the screen. If there is a clear water mark, belong to the soft screen; If the water mark is very weak, even not, belongs to hard screen; So far, in the LCD quality standards at home and abroad, has not yet been 'soft' or 'hard' comments, and no other authority in the quality of hard panel and soft panel for review. Hard panel and soft panel, therefore, may say, only then the difference of liquid crystal splicing processing technology of screen, the fundamental distinction is not good or bad. More specifically, that is to say, hard screen just added a layer of protective film on the LCD panel. A coating is not necessarily advanced screen LCD TV, without coating the LCD TV screen is not necessarily low. According to the liquid crystal splicing screen material, hard and physical structure of LCD panel and soft panel, performance is basically the same. Hard screen protective film seems to have better security, but it is still less than LCDS. The screen is a fragile physical defects. So whatever the hard or soft screen technology of LCD Monitoris also afraid of collision, must be carefully protected. People when buying liquid crystal splicing screen, should not be the most concerned about panel production technology. You should look at the factors that affect you use, such as stability, the display effect and the repair rate.
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