The advantage of the LCD splicing screen ten summary!

by:Hengstar      2020-05-22
What are the advantages of liquid crystal splicing screen? Liquid crystal splicing screen as today's latest and the most ideal, the top display device, its superior performance, has won wide acceptance. LCD liquid crystal splicing screen used as the splicing unit, overcomes the drawback of DLP and PDP curtain wall, provides an excellent performance, the use of flexible LCD splicing curtain wall. LCD splicing screen while entering the market is shorter, but it is a very high scientific and technological content in electronic products, and LCD splicing screen in shopping malls and other public use special frequently, then share the advantages of liquid crystal splicing screen ten summary: a, liquid crystal splicing screen trouble-free time is long, low maintenance cost. Liquid crystal display device is the most stable and reliable, because of the heat is small, the device is stable, won't because components high temperature damage and cause of failure. Second, the LCD Monitorresolution is high, the beautiful picture. LCD distance than plasma much smaller, the physical resolution can easily reach and exceed high definition standard, LCD brightness and contrast is very high, colorful bright, flat surface shows no curvature, image stabilization is not flashing. Three, large LCD Monitorviewing angles. For early LCD products, viewing Angle used to be a big problem restricting LCD, but with the constant progress of liquid crystal technology, has been completely solved the problem. Use DID LCD screen LCD splicing curtain wall, its can achieve double Angle of 178 degrees above, has achieved the effect of absolute perspective. Four, low consumption, low calorific value. Liquid crystal display device, low power, low fever has been praised by people. Small size LCD screen is not more than 35 w, 40 inches LCD screen, its power is only about 150 w, only about a third to one quarter of the plasma. Five, the LCD splicing screen, long life, low maintenance cost. LCD is the longest service life of the display device, its itself is very long service life, even the back light part of the shortest life, also is as high as more than 50000 hours, and even use over such a long time, also will affect the brightness, simply replace the backlight bulb, can restore the original bright beautiful colour. The display is have substaintial distinction, LCD back light life is ten times the display light bulb; And the biggest difference is that projection BSV LCD splicing technology more mature, obvious electricity saving, its merits and Ming. Six, innovation and advancement of 46 inch ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen, only 6. 7 mm flat-fell seam, now 55 inch LED back light ultra narrow side LCD splicing only five. 5 mm, this is by far the most advanced LCD splicing. Samsung also are being developed by a similar glass type can through the seam joining together, that would be DID LCD splicing across time periods. Seven, liquid crystal splicing screen ultra-thin light. The characteristics of the LCD with thin thickness, light weight, can be easily splicing and installation. 40 inches dedicated LCD screen, the weight is only 12. 5 kg, thickness less than 10 cm, this is can't be matched by other display device. Eight, low failure rate. Liquid crystal display device is the most stable and reliable, because of the heat is small, the device is stable, high temperature resistance, heat stability, good features, fault, by contrast, is negligible. Nine, system openness and extensibility of the digital network ultra narrow edge intelligent LCD splicing system follow the principle of open systems, system in addition to direct access to the VGA, RGB, video signal, should also can access networks and wideband speech signal, can at any time to each kind of signal switching and dynamic display, provide users with an interactive platform, and supports secondary development; System should increase the ability of new equipment and new features, makes hardware expansion is very simple. At the same time, the software will only need to upgrade the capacity and can meet the requirements, without having to modify the source code. The system hardware and software part can convenient 'advancing with The Times'. Ten, the reliability of the system DID splicing unit used in the LCD splicing wall adopts industrial-grade samsung DID special LCD screen, splicing unit can continuous working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, splicing unit with high reliability, stability, etc, to ensure the system run stably and reliably. Due to the low power consumption, light weight, long service life, no radiation, etc, make the LCD splicing wall has high reliability. Advantages of LCD Monitorshare more than 10 points, LCD splicing screen, long life, low maintenance cost, low consumption, low calorific value, trouble-free time is long, low maintenance cost, has been widely used in entertainment, security, transportation, energy, radio and television, and other industries.
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