The characteristics of the 32 inch 55 inch wall-mounted outdoor advertising machine

by:Hengstar      2020-05-01
Outdoor wall advertising machine adopts the unique structural design, intensity of up to 7000 CD, this design makes the product while ensure indoor daylighting, can see clearly in the outdoor broadcast content. Enclosure used high-precision aluminum profiles, its high thermal conductivity will screen body heat rapidly export, escort for the long-term enclosure movement. Parts joint use of strengthening design at the same time, enhance the structural strength, weight per square only 13 kg, in reducing the load of buildings is also has the higher strength and corrosion resistance. Due to the particularity of wall-mounted outdoor advertising machine of the deployment environment, ambient light is very bright and so on the brightness, must satisfy the placement of light environment, and liquid crystal displays, LCD TV display brightness is you just need to meet the needs of the human eye. Wall-mounted outdoor advertising machine show area has a strict industry standards. Dimensions are 32 inches and 55 inches, 40 inches, 42 ', 46 ', etc. ; Appeared in 4:3 and 16:9 and share control ', in order to promote demo need to fit special places, advertising machine, there appeared the specification's share of the goods such as rectangle, square, T, so there are special need to formulate advertising machine, usually more expensive than generalized assembly line production goods. The content of the outdoor advertising machine show: can't be pure text or images, the best is illustrated, can produce strong appeal and appeal to users. Content is comparatively is manufacturers should consider, outdoor LCD advertising machine to win is. Outdoor LCD advertising machine function: not only in advertising, in today's media competition, no progress, no innovation will be eliminated. As a new multimedia, outdoor advertising machine the potential of the future will continue to be uncovered. Security standards: outdoor Outdoor Digital Signage outdoor advertising machine appearance through professional design, appearance exposure without bolt, combined with anti-theft lock functions and the structure of the solid support, security problem has solution; Outdoor advertising machine of lightning protection standards, lightning protection electric control design, the thunderstorm day to provide security for the equipment; Outdoor advertising machine stand-alone program release: mainly through the U disk or SD card storage, upload issued shows, this way is suitable for outdoor advertising machine number, update, not less frequently. Outdoor advertising machine online program release: outdoor advertising machine online program change mainly through local area network (LAN), such as wifi to connect to the Internet, and then through the connection to the PC host LAN through outdoor advertising machine show the release of the information release system, users only need to product information, such as public service ads through the information release system of unified release play. Outdoor wall advertising machine built into the computer, can automatically infinite loop high-definition video, rolling images, also has the function of signal transmission, can realize real-time communication. Also support mobile phones and tablets are used together, realize the interaction between advertisement machine and mobile devices. Can also set up outdoor display mode, and improve the display brightness, outdoors can also clear display. Now, outdoor LCD Outdoor Digital Signage is widely applied in product display, business meetings, information release, entertainment and leisure place, is a pursuit of visual LCD advertising machine.
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