The function of double hanging advertising machine and application

by:Hengstar      2020-04-26
Double hanging advertising machine well inherited the standard single basic characteristics of advertising machine, in addition to the continuation of previous high-definition, high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angles, fast response, low power consumption, can also be matching including WIFI, bluetooth and other network function, realize the Outdoor Digital Signage in LAN, wan, city centralized control. Its the biggest characteristic of different from other advertising machine is using a body double design, signals synchronous and asynchronous integration, a single core and dual complementary. Expand vision, improve business efficiency LCD flat in the first place, the design of a body double lets double Angle of advertising information, the price is lower than 2 advertising machine, the price of the service providers to dispense a large sum of money for advertising machine. Signals synchronous VS asynchronous standard double screen signals are synchronous, namely screen 1 and screen 2 at the same time, the signals are synchronous, almost no difference. At the same time can also be the opposite tack, according to the demand for asynchronous ds signal, namely the screen 1 and screen 2 at the same time, the signal is & other; Sync & throughout; , which is different from the signal delay is artificial trade-off control signal, can not only realize signal advertising implementation cycle, can also realize different signal source. Double sided hanging advertising machine double-sided hang advertising application can be seen everywhere. In the financial industry, entertainment industry, shop floor and so on all has the figure of it. Especially in the financial industry, double-sided hang Outdoor Digital Signage is ubiquitous, five big Banks have used, one in the face of hall, a face inside hall, brightness can be adjusted freely according to the environment, not dazzling nor gloomy, kill two birds with one stone. In the financial sector, itself, is used to show to handle the transaction process, outward side, used to show the product service advantage. In the entertainment industry, more and more is applied in theaters or drink etc. We can see in many cinemas, double side hang advertising machine can display the poster information of the film, one side to show the film arranged schedule. In the shop floor, double sided hanging advertising machine play its advantages, more fiber thin body do not take a shop store a little space, with store decoration design, smart. In this way, the product features show guests can give natural products. Double sided hanging advertising machine should scene in detail, this is just a rough about a thing or two.
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