The function of double window screen features and applications

by:Hengstar      2020-04-25
Double window screen is a kind of emerging for opening on the inside and outside the window advertising information publicity of multimedia information release products, compared with ordinary light box & ndash; — Posters screen, rich in content, show high-definition bright, timely updates convenient main functions: 1. Double-sided hd display, supporting the combination of text, images, video content, single or combination play, so as to attract people and improve people's awareness of purpose 2. Different from traditional advertising equipment, unique positive and negative double-sided, support synchronous or asynchronous display main features: 1. Dual display, can be synchronous asynchronous, let the audience a broader 2. Appearance is concise and fashion, slim and beautiful, let you of the more modern 3 window. The image quality is clear, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation. Super time switch machine function without specialist unattended, closed screen within 5 can separate remote according to demand. Support the split screen template, according to a new screen play 6 multiple formats. Support hierarchical authorization information release 7. Support USB, network upload the updated content, convenient and quick industry application of bank: bank of hang double-sided screen advertisement, the main products is double window screen system, double screen window one online, get the favour of the five largest Banks. Double window screen to show the function of using double vision, can let the bank business more smoothly, one side itself, geared to the needs of the guests of the hall, can display the banking business process. Other side itself, can promote the bank's business.
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