The LCD monitor installation method commonly used

by:Hengstar      2020-05-18
The constant XunTong up to 5 inch to 82 inch can provide customers with professional LCD monitor, novel styles, Narrow edge hardware) Performance is strong, SDI LCD monitor, LED LCD monitor, etc. ) DID the LCD screen splicing ( Size 40 - 60 inches, flat-fell seam. 6. 7mm - 22 mm, can joining together 250 pieces) Below we know about the LCD monitor installation together with you. ( 1) Desktop installation are equipped with constant XunTong of LCD monitor base on the desktop, can be placed on or other desktop monitor console, beautiful and easy, reflected the characteristics of the light. ( 2) Hanging and hoisting way when hanging and hoisting installation is required, constant XunTong of LCD monitor also provides the corresponding wall hanging installation accessories. ( 3) Rack installation constant XunTong of LCD monitor provides you with a suitable control room or vans and other occasions of 19 inch standard machinery installation, and can use a room according to the specific space and specific requirements, using the corresponding monitor in order to meet the needs of users. ( 4) For all kinds of curtain wall embedded constant XunTong of LCD monitor TV broadcast monitoring center or studio need to monitor into walls, provided the curtain wall mounted, and can according to user requirements, according to the use place of spatial structure, different specifications of the monitor compose conforms to the specific use place monitoring of curtain wall, better use of limited space, makes products occupy a space more small, more show picture. Constant XunTong LCD monitor according to customer's requirement, provide different installation, quality assured!
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