The LCD splicing market growth accompanied by some quality hidden trouble

by:Hengstar      2020-05-18
06 years so far, according to survey data, big screen splicing wall showed annual market growth continued in two to thirty percent, and this trend could last for at least five years. Especially had been in the midst of a 'technical reserves, represented by LCD splicing flat-panel splicing technology, but also realize the market growth for several years to double type, LCD splicing to 36% market share in 2011, the PDP splicing with a 9% market share, almost splicing wall for half of the market. Plate splicing wall market, however, especially the outbreak of the LCD splicing market growth has also produced some 'not harmonious' status. The high-speed growth market also frequently associated with product quality dispute. Especially the product of small manufacturer, the quality control, engineering design and implementation, from many bottlenecks in the after-sales service in areas such as, become the biggest hidden danger industry market disputes occur. Original LCD Monitorsales accounts for only 11 in the market. Accounted for 6%, while domestic group installed 83. 5%. The $83. 5% of domestic assembly products respectively belong to dozens of brands and companies, products sold to also from LiuQiQian yuan to ten thousand yuan, the products quality good and evil people mixed up. And even in 11. 6% of imported products, different enterprises due to different overall scheme design and construction level, after-sales service level is different, feel great differences lead to customer applications, or even a series of quality problems. The LCD splicing market sectors in the flowers, the prosperity of the royal schools of thought contend, but behind the prosperity of the competitive environment is relatively poor, due to the lack of unified standard industry from the enterprise level is uneven, throw out product quality is differ, shoddy, or even on the market there are some manufacturer with low brightness of the LCD panel act as high brightness LCD screen against the behavior of the business ethics, etc. For the industry of chaos, the personage inside course of study is not without fear. Industry experts pointed out that the industry mess left behind potential dangers for the healthy development of industry, more customers benefit brings more uncertainty, need the LCD splicing unite unanimously resisting, industry colleagues to clear as soon as possible in the industry of 'poison'.
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