The LCD splicing screen daily maintenance

by:Hengstar      2020-05-20
After receiving his needs LCD splicing screen, there is a worthy of our careful problem, that is received LCD Monitorhow to maintain? We come to give us a brief introduce: LCD MonitorLCD panel stains can be divided into two kinds: one kind is due to build up little by little the stick to keep the dust in the air is the first one is used in casual leave fingerprints and grease. LCD device has two kinds of circumstances, one is the manufacturer on the outside of the LCD screen also added a layer maintenance, for example, lit the hard plastic, etc. , so let's fingers and dust are not actually come into contact with the LCD screen itself, just watch the appearance of health and satisfaction; Is the second most common LCD directly exposed, any foreign materials are marked to simple direct access to the LCD screen, at this time, we in the cleaning and maintenance the LCD panel, must be more careful. Primary needs careful, LCD screen appearance looks like a piece of solid black screen, actually in this screen manufacturers will add a layer of special coating. So let's in clean, never use any alkaline solution at random or chemical solution scrub screen appearance, otherwise, may dissolve the coating layer, making flash effect becomes poor. Here we introduce several LCD splicing screen to maintain myth: myth: with a soft cloth, glasses cloth, or paper towels to scrub LCD screen never with glasses cloth and paper towels to scrub the LCD screen, it's so short cut 'temperamental' LCD screen. On the dust, let's first can by air to blow it out, the rest of the dust particles can use special LCD scrub scrubbing cloth quietly on the LCD panel. If like constant XunTong amounted to only show splicing screen, recommended reading: 'LCD splicing screen product display' in general the fingerprint and the oil is not as short as the former eradicated, but assumes that use special LCD scrub cloth, that is a brief address, due to the special LCD scrub cloth selection is special fiber, has a much better than ordinary high-grade glasses cloth washing effect, soft and will not scratch the screen, at the same time also has lost the function of static electricity, prevent the dust adsorption further. Erroneous zone 2: with clear water clean LCD screen using water, liquid to enter the digital camera LCD screen may be internal, such a very brief form equipment circuit short circuit, and then burn the expensive digital camera. How about fingerprint and the oil, water roots, in more cases is the wipe the flower. Myth 3: using alcohol and other chemical solvents to clean the LCD screen in general, alcohol is a common organic solvent, can dissolve some brief wipe away dirt, assume that occasionally used to clean the exterior of the digital camera may be no bad effect. But must not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen, once use alcohol to swab flash screen and can dissolve this layer of special coating, will be a bad influence to flash effect. So through the above LCD Monitorin maintenance, I believe you for splicing screen a new understanding, welcome to discuss with us the LCD splicing screen related knowledge.
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