The LCD splicing screen fault and solutions

by:Hengstar      2020-05-21
With the advent of the era of big screen, seamless LCD Monitoris used as a large screen control system, and are increasingly used in business meetings. Then, due to factors such as controller and the input signal, usually screen problem. How to solve? First, leading equipment, control the potential difference between a host and terminal equipment also interferes with video signal and result in image signal distortion or scroll the image orbit. If the system open, as a result of the equipment before and after the potential difference between a grounding cable, may cause electrical grounding discharge. If the discharge is serious, will destroy the PCB plate inlet side component or grounding cable. Entry is open, without defect images. Second, due to the video frequency range is wide, the video signal in the process of transmission is more vulnerable to interference, affect image quality. May cause serious interference image distortion, distortion, race and disorder. Therefore, during the installation of monitoring system, video line must be far away from electromagnetic interference source. Third, the professional LCD splicing video input signal amplitude is 1 vp - of the wall P + / - 3 db, the input impedance of 75 ohms. Therefore, if the input signal due to cable attenuation is not standardized, impedance matching is insufficient or BNC cable head is not standardized, the amplitude of the input signal is much less than 0. 7 pp, or camera output not standardized or visit some irregular. When accessing equipment make the size of the input signal is greater than 1. 4副总裁- P, may result in image distortion and other faults.
In an age when lcd monitors is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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