The LCD splicing screen installation method and step!

by:Hengstar      2020-05-09
The LCD splicing screen installation method and steps of what? As the industry matures and demand changes in the development of the application of liquid crystal splicing screen has very wide, such as radio and television, electric power, telecommunications, extended to today's entertainment, public management, industrial, commercial, the people's livelihood, and so on dozens of niche applications, then what exactly LCD splicing screen installation method and steps of the next share: LCD splicing screen installation method/steps: 1, the installation of the selection of ground LCD Monitorsurface must level off, because the LCD splicing screen the whole system whether in volume or weight is larger. Choice is also needs to have a certain ability to withstand the weight, if metope is ceramic tile, can bear the weight of it. There is mounting surface to esd. 2, the matters needing attention of installation LCD Monitorlayout, when wiring should pay attention to distinguish the power cord and signal lines, installed in different places, avoid to produce interference. In addition to the screen size and installation location of the project, calculate the required line length and of different specifications, calculating the needs of the project as a whole. 3 for the LCD splicing screen brightness, the environment light, though very high, but is limited after all, so choose to install environment surrounding light is not too strong, if too strong, could see the pictures on a screen. The screen may be incoming light (near Such as Windows) And, if necessary, to keep out, at the same time the equipment running lights is best off, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Don't install the lamp, right in front of the screen to install drum lamp. 4, framework requirements for the LCD Monitormaintenance more convenient in the future, the framework package edge must be a removable type. Within the framework of outside wall along the distance you spell out the reserved about 25 mm per side clearance, large spell wall should also increase the allowance according to the number of columns. In addition, in order to late into the housing maintenance, maintenance access in principle on not less than 1. 2 m wide. Removable side article 3 - to pin the screen edge It is advisable to 5 mm, and the screen completely after installed the enclosure, and then fixed removable side bar. In the pit lane 5, ventilation requirements, must want to install air conditioning or the outlet, the ventilation to ensure equipment is in good condition. The outlet position should be as far as possible away from the LCD splicing wall ( 1 m or so good) And the outlet of the wind, not directly to the housing to avoid cold hot uneven and damage to the screen. LCD splicing screen installation methods and steps to share here, in the LCD splicing construction site, installation and debugging according to fault phenomenon of reflection to determine the causes, and to review the synchronous interface and transmission cable of equipment, as well as the control range of synchronous frequency signal source and the display terminal. If there is a double image, check whether the transmission cable is too long, or announcement, the solution is in line to test, or increase the signal amplifier and other equipment. If the focus is not ideal, can adjust the display terminal. Facing problems, must first learn to analysis, can better solve the root of the problem, through the analysis of strong, can shorten the testing time.
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