The LCD splicing screen output wire should be how to choose

by:Hengstar      2020-05-19
LCD access screen is the best access to the screen display devices, are very common in the monitor display and advertising, and can be used in daily work and life, such as community monitoring room. Company meeting rooms and exhibition hall, the traffic police command center, large shopping center and other large screen. In practice, however, serious problems may arise, such as screen, black screen, can't switch signals to the correct position, and there will be a serious screen. Today, we will analyze one of these little problems. Was set up. LCD splicing screen line it is very important to choose the LCD Monitorbesides equipped with large screen equipment, also equipped with the signal control equipment, cable and control computer, therefore, the main cause of this problem is hardware. Normally, the LCD connection screen performance is very stable. Won't damage it, unless there are external factors. Control unit is the same, so when technicians check the screen and black screen first, he will check the connections. In general, as long as hd signal display HDMI cables, commonly used brand has akihabara, and generally range from 3 m to 35 meters length, and can according to the technical personnel to undertake choosing according to the distance to the computer screen. Usually, due to the transmission distance, if the distance is more than 20 meters line distance too far, and the possibility of relatively high, does not need the user don't build too long wires. The quality of video transmission line determines the image quality in the late, when using inferior wires, can lead to a shielding effect is poorer, and lower signal interference sources of resistance to the environment. If the interference is serious, may produce noise, so please select high quality wire for installation, the second is to avoid contact with radiation sources such as object. If you can't keep distance with interference sources, the close transmission pipelines and ground. Powerful display system is made up of several parts, the quality and performance of each device determines the stability and stability of the whole system, so you can think of the importance of the connection between the control unit and LCD screen. In addition, reduced the number of after-sales, because when the user to select and use, it must be more reasonable.
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