The narrow side LCD splicing screen is more suitable for your needs

by:Hengstar      2020-05-14
Ultra narrow edge type LCD splicing screen appears on the LCD industry manufacturers produced significant influence, because it reduces the physical juncture, and will push the industry-level splicing display area is more and more narrow. Ultra narrow edge type LCD splicing products has been extended to screen is super, education industry, hotel, KTV entertainment, residential, transportation and narrow application in the field of water protection. In the present LCD LCD screen, small side panel development potential is very optimistic, so small sides LCD screen how to satisfy the internal demand of the user? LCD Monitorit in a favorable position, at the technical level in the development of adhesive market has great potential, and the market of LCD technology is improving, but in general, large screen adhesive large ultra-thin LCD belong to the big screen adhesive field. Occupy the position of the comparative advantage. Ultra narrow edge design: traditional conventional splice screen seam is 6. 7 mm, joining together the ultra narrow edge can be reduced to 1 LCD splicing screen frame design. 8mm。 Compared with traditional splicing screen, this also is very beneficial. Image shows more complicated. In display, a by-product of very narrow than traditional analog products wide screen to screen distance is smaller, so in some video conference shown in the image effect is more beautiful. In the company showroom, very narrow lateral connectivity products become more sophisticated, and a better user experience of video. The development of economy and technology promoted the LCD technology continuous improvement and upgrading, in order to better meet the needs of users, minimum LCD replacement LCD screen on the market at present is also great innovation and progress of the LCD industry. Thin and narrow the side of the design is more suitable for provide users with better effect.
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