Touch all-in-one PC? Used to know!

by:Hengstar      2020-05-02
Touch all-in-one PC is the core of what? Or should I ask this, touch all-in-one PC and user contact with most of the parts is what? The answer is obviously a touch screen, touch screen is good or bad directly affect the user experience, followed by the software, processor, etc. 1. Is the touch screen, touch screen as mentioned above, the user contact with most of the parts, is a touching all-in-one directly determine whether one of the important factors. Common type of touch screen with capacitive touch screen, touch screen, infrared touch screen, the best is capacitive touch screen, about the price is a little bit expensive. 2. Software in addition to need to be responsive, superior quality of the touch screen, touch all-in-one also should be humanized operating software, software is the user with a touch of all-in-one interactive medium, collocation is an interactive style friendly software especially important! 3. Performance properties of this aspect is not the main factor of modern hardware performance also can't bad. Used in the design configuration is sufficient routine use, if not have special requirements, in the aspect of hardware configurations that it is ok to use the default configuration. Constant XunTong K type touch query all-in-one, human body engineering design, K type more accord with human body activity demand, designs the better reading writing posture. Multi-touch, two people can be operating at the same time, with professional touch query system, query one pace reachs the designated position, efficient and convenient. Full hd LCD, 1920 * 1080 pixel density, & 178 deg; Can be released any Angle Angle, color screen, restore natural detailed images horizon.
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