We should be how to choose the LCD splicing screen system?

by:Hengstar      2020-05-10
We should be how to choose the LCD Monitorsystem? With the development of the society, we are more and more high to the requirement of visual experience. Large splice screen wall also need higher resolution and density to meet the pursuit of 'beauty'. So, here are a few splicing screen system solutions, for everybody to learn. A, VGA matrix VGA signals are often referred to as the standard definition and analog signals. VGA video signal is used for input and output, the functions of replication and magnified the analog standard-definition signals. As a result, he can be a computer VGA, a VGA video recorder, a VGA video recorder, and a DVD VGA, and can identify all the VGA signal control. Links to the big screen splicing way, using the same signal source on video wall, each big screen shows the same signal, and use large screen splicing image software, splicing effect, suitable for monitoring system security and some meeting or smaller budget hotel. Second, DVI matrix DVI signal is often referred to as high-definition signals and digital signals. DVI hd video signal is used for input and output, show high-definition digital signal representation and zoom function. So he can take all the DVI hd signal, video recorder and computer basically all have this kind of signal output, so video recorder and computer images can be joining together, according to this system can be used in meetings, monitoring security, hall, hotel, KTV on video effect is very demanding, as long as there is no audio transmission requirements. Three, high-definition video matrix input and network signal, use the switch to connect to the Internet cable, the output signal can be a VGA, DVI, HDMI. You can open any window and add any camera. After add, you can use the standard keyboard. The whole process does not need to install the software, and is equipped with computer operation. Embedded software is stable and reliable. Four. This is a specially designed for mixed matrix video wall design products of various kinds of video signal. It can be a VGA, HDMI, DVI, network signals, BNC analog signals, mixture used in joining together, according to also can be mixed two, three three mixed, arbitrary mixed for security project. This matrix is suitable for the complex system requirements, such as change the old plan and add new equipment. The mixture matrix now is widely used to meet the requirements of different functions.
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