What are the advantages of liquid crystal splicing screen? The LCD splicing screen common application is introduced

by:Hengstar      2020-05-23
LCD splicing screen not only has many advantages, but also very flexible in stitching mode, using a wide range of stitching controller type, internal and PCI card type. Then its advantage in where? 1, long service life and low maintenance costs. LCD splicing screen is life long zui display device, the service life is very long, even zui short service life of backlight components more than 50000 hours, and even if long time use also affects only the brightness. Only need to replace the backlight bulb can restore the original bright colors. The life of the LCD backlight was 10 times higher than the display lamp life, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious. 2, large Angle. For early LCD products, perspective is a big problem to limit the LCD, but with the development of LCD technology, the problem has been solved. DID the LCD panel used in the LCD splicing wall Angle is greater than 178 degrees, the absolute point of view. 3, high resolution, photos and bright. Liquid crystal point spacing is far less than the plasma spacing. The physical resolution can easily reach and exceed high resolution standard. The LCD brightness and contrast is very high, the color is bright and beautiful. BSV LCD flat screen of bonding technology to achieve the display, no curvature, image stabilization. 4, ultra-thin light. Liquid crystal thin, light weight, easy to glue and installation. 5, low power consumption, low heat. Liquid crystal display, low power consumption, low quantity of heat is people's high praise. Small LCD screen no more than 35 w, 40 inches LCD screen power about 150 w, about 1/3 to 1/4 of the plasma. 6, according to combination of the function. LCD splicing screen can be personalized Settings, in accordance with the requirements of different users can choose single, full screen, random combination, according to the image, the image overlay, and other functions. 7, long trouble-free and low maintenance costs. Liquid crystal is stable and reliable display devices, because it is very little heat, so the equipment is stable and will not cause failure by raise the temperature of components. LCD Monitornot only in the field of industrial control, and the rapid development of video conference and exhibition platform in the enterprise, and need different specifications as appropriate. Equipment can perform the function of different stitching what operations can be executed on the conventional display screen? 1, the display monitor screens and real-time playback. Safety monitoring is the LCD splicing screen in the field of business at the beginning of zui is zui fast development areas in recent years. Main reason is that the LCD splicing screen itself, the high quality screen display and industrial-grade liquid crystal splicing ability. The panel completely satisfy monitoring all-weather startup and real-time display and playback the demand of high quality image. In recent years, with the continuous development of country and city security, surveillance cameras are installed on all roads and a bayonet, and front-end display need a lot of liquid crystal display products to match the display head. Equipped with a control and signal switcher, stitching switch in the image and display screen playback plays an important role. 2, large screen display. With the growing demand for visual effect, small display screen is not enough to meet the needs of users, so it is particularly important to realize the large screen display, liquid crystal splicing screen look perfectly solve the problem. This display in the general meeting of shareholders of the company and the company is becoming more common in the platform. 3, information disclosure. According to our impression, in some public places, general information release platform is the train station, bus station and so on the LED display, some flights information, time and so on are shown on the big screen, but the downside is monochrome screen, the content is relatively simple LCD splicing screen more and more appeared on the scene. Users to agree on a hd display effect and flexible image display function. The background control on a full hd 1080 p display to create content, and large screen to be controlled by computer.
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