What is a curved LCD splicing screen?

by:Hengstar      2020-05-11
When we make big screen, sometimes we will consider bending LCD Monitorsplicing method. First, consider bending shape aesthetic and personality. Second, some room designed to bend, to install the screen wall. When it can be integrated and decoration and design into a curved shape, it will achieve a better visual effect. As in the company, the museum of some of the exhibition hall, it is used in this way. How to make the LCD splicing curve screen? First of all, the bending of the LCD splicing screen is not a single screen, but at the moment, bending the installation method of LCD is also horizontal and vertical, whether it is television or screen, general ratio of 16:9, although some television has bent, but LCD is no mass production or application in the field of joining together. Therefore, curved LCD splicing screen is actually the arc of effect was achieved by some splicing device, and single screen is not simply designed to bend. Two, LCD splicing screen to understand how to make arc bending the components of the LCD splicing screen, the key is our design and installation. Due to the different traditional joining together, in the initial design must consider the question into the arc. Under normal circumstances, the arch will design between 170 and 178 degrees. Degree is lower, the greater the arc, the effect is more obvious. The pin number in the graph reflects the effect of the installation. Second, the number of joints should be less and less, especially the column number, the more the more natural curvature, the better the results. We recommend above five columns make arch, otherwise you might imagine that after joining together the actual effect. There are differences in addition, installation and construction, arch effect in addition to the previous design, in fact, installation testing technology, the installation of our engineers according to the design of the arch assembly mounting bracket, and then adjust the distance between the screen and seams, etc. , this is usually a test technology, it will take a long time to adjust, and maintain the effect is not tight on the screen. So if our customers want to design a curved LCD splicing screen, the first thing to remember is the installation environment is not allowed. Before the second is the design scheme, including the size of the arch, the influence of the amount of space and quantity. Looking for experienced manufacturer, to ensure that the installation can be done without any problems.
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