What is the difference between landing advertising machine and wall-mounted advertising machine, how to choose?

by:Hengstar      2020-05-15
What is the difference between landing advertising machine and wall-mounted advertising machine, how to choose? With the rapid development of liquid crystal advertisement machine, streets and alleys in the past few years has been installed and used. Although, as the user is becoming more and more mature, it not only shows a simple pictures, audio and video, and ordinary advertising machine including advertising, wall advertising machine and horizontal landing Outdoor Digital Signage. In these ads machine, people can see landing advertising machine in many places. Whether in the shopping center, or in places, airports, etc. A lot of friends on select advertising machine all struggle. Whether installed floor or wall, the price depends on performance of configuration and size. If the same price, better buy advertising on floor or wall advertising machine? No conclusion. LCD advertising machine is varied. It is based on a wall-mounted advertising machine or floor type advertisement, in different places have different situation. The following we will explain the difference between them: 1. Fall to the ground the placement of advertising machine more casual and attractive. Product is suitable for use in industries such as banking, finance, hotel, chain store, show business information, brand culture. 2. The present invention can hang on the wall or other objects, unique scenery line for space decoration, are more likely to attract customers attention, achieve the goal of propaganda. At present, wall-mounted intelligent advertising machine is mainly used to sell 'genie' window, can hang in the stores, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-grade office buildings and other places. The present invention can comprehensively enhance the brand image of merchants, able to quickly push promotions and new product information, pay more attention to the consumer. Therefore, wall or floor machine main function of advertising is the same. They are mainly based on their own site and need to choose. In terms of price, floor type advertisement machine is more expensive than a wall-mounted advertising machine. Both the installation of the advertising machine than teaching is simple, and can choose the single machine and online ads.
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