Why do the beauty industry stores can't refuse intelligent mirror

by:Hengstar      2020-04-28
Intelligent mirror, assists of the beauty industry storefront marketing artifacts of the original mirror seconds litres of intelligent jingyi, customer entertainment machine, mirror TV, wash ironing cut dye can chase play; The store self-service Outdoor Digital Signage, machine learning, help store marketing, improve guest unit price; Can upload a homemade video, commercials, let customers fully understand the storefront, technicians, ask for the consumer experience; External skin testing instrument, increase consumption project, ascending into the store. Why the beauty industry stores can't refuse intelligent mirror for posters no attention; Refresh the little circle of friends; Promotion sticker pasted on the mirror also attract the attention of the guests; Staff continuously stimulate customer stored value card, the window is covered the discount activity, instead, repels the customer; Beauty &skin care project profit, but don't know how to guide customers; Are all the same, each trade seriously, no explosive point; This off-season was cold, and then lost part of customers and worse. Why the media can't refuse the beauty industry channels with the steady development of China's economy, improve people's living standard, has already become the hot spot that residents' consumption in China. Consumer emphasis on the beauty industry also gradually improve, presents the blowout growth beauty industry in our country. Root statistics, as of 2018, American industry organization has more than tens of thousands, the market volume of eight hundred billion times, and the beauty industry rapidly expanding at the rate of 15% every year. Choose the beauty industry channels, has incomparable advantages: users more time and concentration, the average stay 58 minutes; Has obvious independent space, one-on-one communication in place; Cover with a population of more than 90%, the screen into less, rise space is large; Female users as the main group, consumption frequency showed a trend of growth; Advertising repetition rate is low, reduce the waste of resources.
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