Why is intelligent mirror 'customer's entertainment machine'

by:Hengstar      2020-04-28
Why is intelligent mirror & other; Customers throughout the entertainment machine &; Mobile machine: each on demand of their favorite program by mobile phones, the liberation of the hands, also need not bow, the clerk can also through the program to find the common topic customers on demand, customers like, entertaining. TV show: chat with the TV on, the customer will feel in your home is very comfortable to do hair. At that time the clerk can according to the guest see programs with customers to chat, chat is to ask a guest to stay and the purpose of selling. Cartoon program: the hairdresser's headache is the guest take bear children, run around prone to danger, now with our devices, children can sit to honest and whether his haircut or parents, etc. Using method of the magic mirror somewhere you price guide: dyeing, perm, blow dry, nursing the pricelist and promotion poster updating is not difficult; Chief information: chief designer qualifications, improve the storefront of soft power; Upload video display: designer masterpiece, let customers fully understand the types of designers are good at; Can also show the store derivatives of video advertising, improve guest unit price; Main interface sidebar, low sidebar: all can upload 5 sets of advertising images, product features, promotions, member advantage at show, don't limit your imagination.
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